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Carrer del Molinell, 11 - 46460 Silla, Valencia
Contact: 961 21 95 70

Graphite machining

More than 25 years of experience designing and manufacturing graphite machining lines.

Graphite machining production lines

Specialized engineering with more than 25 years of experience designing and delivering graphite machining lines globally.

Turn-key projects for graphite machining line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Graphite Electrodes

  • Up to 950mm rough diameter and 3800mm length, Min. diameter 300mm finished, min length 1500mm finished.
  • Significant increase in the yield factor.
  • Leaders in geometric precision and dimensional stability.
  • Machine availability, more than 90%.
  • Unprecedent line flexibility: No need for machine presetting for almost the entire production range.
  • Zero time change for different sizes.
  • Zero time from first part OK after size change.

Graphite nipples

  • Our experience More than 5% yield factor increase Main reason: Improved centring and pointing, with improved row material usage. NO reprocess due to this reason.
  • Typical value: 12 microns total lead error.
  • Rigid and thermally stable machines.
  • High precision headstocks.
  • Robust process with simultaneous cone milling & threading.
  • Key dimensions & geometry machined without releasing the part.

Pre-assembly (Screwing the nipple into the electrode socket)

Inrema uses the best technology to guarantee the correct assembly of the Nipple into the electrode socket, controlling the Torque during the all the screw process at the same time that we check the screwing distance length.

Graphite cathodes line

  • Zero time change for different sizes.
  • Zero time for first part OK after size change.
  • Low cycle time: 5 minutes for finished cathode by simultaneous slot rought and finish machining.

Graphite scrapping line

  • Automated diameter and longitude scrapping cycle.
  • Single-pass electrode facing system.
  • Total guarantee of electrode parallelism.

Packaging lines (strapping and palletizing)

  • Automatic insertion of protections for Nipple and socket.
  • Individual palletizing or in pairs.
  • Cross or longitudinal strapping.
  • Automatic insertion of pallet side protections.
  • Double longitudinal or transversal strapping.
  • Double palletizing.
Graphite machining: contact us
We have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of production lines for graphite electrodes, graphite nipples, pre-assembly, graphite cathodes, scrapping and packaging. Contact us for more information.